You need a spontaneous VIP gathering or party with the best drinks?

We can help you within hours – and mostly faster!

We have our personally champagne and red wine favorites on our list, and we can deliver them to you very quickly in our area.

The Billecart–Salmon champagne house, founded by Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon in 1818, has now been in existence for 200 years. Since the beginning of the cultivation of grapevines, high quality has always been a prerequisite. Billecart convinces with high-quality champagne.

Château Pétrus is a winery in the French wine region of Pomerol near Bordeaux. It produces the red wine Pétrus, one of the most prestigious and expensive wines in the world.

Beach Way Billecart Champagne
300€     6x Billecart Salmon Brut 0,75 L
225 €     Billecart Salmon Brut 1,5 L
450 €     Billecart Salmon Brut 3 L
900 €     Billecart Salmon Brut 6 L 
Beach Way Billecart Rose Champagne
480€     6x Billecart Salmon Rose 0,75 L
240 €     Billecart Salmon Brut 1,5 L
480 €     Billecart Salmon Brut 3 L
4.800€     CHATEAU PETRUS FR 2007 0,75 

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