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The Portuguese Golden Visa Programm is the most popular residence by investment programs in Europe.

Portugal’s government has confirmed that the country’s Golden Visa Program will be subject to several new changes, starting from January 1, 2022. However, the government has clarified that the minimum investment value for real estate, which at present is €500,000, will not be changed.

Regarding the incorporation of a commercial company or to reinforce the share of a commercial company, internationals interested in such a program will be required to invest €500,000 instead of €350,000, as well as to create at least five jobs. You can qualify for residency by investing €280.000 which is one of the lowest investment thresholds in Europe.

Internationals interested in receiving Portugal’s Golden Visa are not required to live in Portugal during the period in order to acquire citizenship through this program. They just need to spend seven to fourteen days per year in Portugal. Once you become a Portuguese citizen you get a visa free access to Schengen Area and over 180 countries.

Still, they will be obliged to prove the accommodation in Portugal and a steady income.

Visa investments in properties and companies can be a good profit opportunity. Therefore we work in our team with professional lawyers and tax-accouters to support you with a full service program.

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